Baking Soda

Baking Soda Box White Powder Sodium BicarbBaking soda is a common, inexpensive household item that can be used for many kinds of cleaning projects. We actually make a form of baking soda in our own saliva, where it helps keep plaque from forming!

Here are some of the uses of baking soda for cleaning:

I have used baking soda and vinegar to keep my kitchen and bathroom drains clear and fresh smelling. I simply put a teaspoon or less of baking soda into the drain and then pour about a tablespoon of vinegar. I must admit that I am the kind of cook that rarely steps anything, and the same is true for these proportions, so feel free to experiment to find what works best on your sinks.

In actuality, that bubbling process is how you can tell if the box of baking soda you’ve had around forever remains good. Just follow the instructions above. Your soda is still great if it bubbles away merrily.

Speaking of drains, even if your drain is clogged, you can try with a lot more baking soda. Wait a few minutes, or longer, then run the hot water tap and see if you have cleared the drain. It might take overnight.

Another well-known use of baking soda is to maintain an open box in the refrigerator to neutralize odors. Because baking soda cuts smells, it can also be placed in the bottom tray of an oven-type electric toaster, to reduce burnt smells. Another smell-removing cleaning tip is to put baking soda into bottles or jars that milk has left a smell in.

For scrubbing the sink, bathtub, or shower stall, for getting gunk off the exterior of my toaster, and projects of that type, I find it very useful. With a rag or sponge, pour some baking soda onto it and then add a little water, just enough to form a paste. Then scrub! You can also mix the paste up in a small cup or bowl and throw out what you have not employed by the end of that cleaning session. I keep a small container of baking soda handy from the sink, in a skillet so the baking soda doesn’t cake. You can even use a salt shaker, as you will most likely go through that much baking soda before it gets caked up.

Pots and pans that have something burned on the bottom call for sterner measures. I admit that sometimes I just reach for my rarely-used business cleaner, but the baking soda cleaning technique is to shake baking soda all over the burnt stuff and then let the pot sit overnight. You can even add a little water and baking soda into the pot, bring it to a boil, then let it sit.

For stained marble, a paste of baking soda and white vinegar may be effective. For washing windows, put some baking soda on a wet rag or sponge.

Baking soda also has many different uses in keeping your body clean also. But enough! This guide is about baking soda for cleaning around the house.

Top 5 US Exports in 2017

Container Ship Frachtschiff Freighter Hamb

Exports from the U.S. have risen from $448bn to $1.55tn during the past 25 years, but which export categories make the most money?

The United States has 248 export categories valued over $1bn, three times greater than a quarter of a century ago.

But besides the stereotypical exports from The States like cotton and corn, medicines, meat and gold, which are the best export market categories that actually rake in dollars?


Aircraft is far and away the largest export category in terms of monetary value from the U.S. – one-third more valuable than the second export with this list alone.

One thing that’s certain is that the likes of Boeing wouldn’t enjoy a trade war between the world’s two export powerhouses.


The value of the gas market has increased massively in the last few years, regardless of the clamour from authorities to turn to renewable energy sources and global businesses to be viewed as green.

Last year, gasoline (including other refined petroleum products) raked in just under $77.5bn whilst Mexico holds 27% market share and Canada 11%.

It’s estimated that this year foreign motor manufacturers will create more vehicles in the USA compared to U.S. firms will. Last year, a vast majority of those exports entered the Chinese, Chinese and Mexican markets with two U.S. ports exporting more than $1b each throughout the year.

Motor Vehicle Parts

Perhaps not surprisingly, among the nations that lead in automobile exports also makes a lot of money exporting individual motor parts. However, the motor industry is wary of potential NAFTA disturbance that could alter the face of the auto-exporting industry.

Computer Chips

The first’modern’ export to create the top-5 U.S. export classes is that of computer chips. Given the small size of the export, most of the product travel abroad via airfreight – 50% of that from just four airports in Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and Cleveland.

What other products are also leading exports for the U.S.? Food, beverage and feed was the top value class when combined worth a $133bn. Soybeans made up $22bn of the, with poultry and meat just behind at $18bn.

Concerning services, travel and transport ($136bn), finance and insurance ($76bn) and intellectual property earnings ($49bn) account for the most.

Seven Qualities of Rock Star Employees

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Engagement numbers have not changed much in the years that the Gallup Organization has been keeping track. In america, employee participation numbers hover around 30%. In the rest of the world, the picture is even bleaker – only about 13% of employees are engaged.

Just what are the traits of a rock star worker? Here are seven attributes that you’ll find in many members of the elusive group.

Responsible: Top performers take ownership of whatever job they’re working on and set high standards for their performance. They’re only satisfied when your customers are singing your company’s praises. In order words, they share the credit and take the blame.

Optimistic: Regardless of what is happening, they are programmed to look for the good in people, jobs, and situations. They are energetic, enthusiastic and confident in their job and how the members of their team work together. They look at obstacles as challenges to overcome as they are eager to grow and open to change. They have a positive outlook and could be counted on to lighten up the room when they are around.

Creative: Rockstar employees are able to examine all sides of a problem and come up with a lot of new and exciting options. They aren’t afraid of failure, as they know that part of being successful is having to fail from time to time. They have the exceptional ability to use out-of-the-box thinking to develop new methods for studying and solving problems.

Kind: Engaged employees have excellent people skills and have an extensive network of people who know, like and trust them. They get to know people as individuals and abide by the “do unto others as THEY would have done unto them” rule.

Studious: Your top talent needs to be better tomorrow than they are now. Top actors invest in themselves and their skills so they can grow and develop both professionally and personally. They love to learn, and they look for any chance they can to gain knowledge about a variety of subjects. If they aren’t sure of something, they’ll do the research necessary to discover the answer.

Team players: Gallup shows that actively engaged workers have a strong network. Engaged employees concentrate on lifting others as they climb and enjoy sharing the spotlight of their accomplishments because they realize they did not do it alone. Although they may take the lead on projects, they have a clear connection between team activities and the team’s purpose. They allow others to enjoy the work and the journey with them.

Action-oriented: Average workers make to-do lists. Rock stars set their priorities and get the work done. They do not hesitate based on fear or indecision, they look at the situation and take action based on the information that they have at the time they receive it. Because”objects in motion tend to stay in motion,” rock stars choose to”fail forward” and keep the momentum going. Their passion for what they do helps them know when to compromise with others and when to stand firm.

Risk-taker: Natural leaders aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo. They make the choices necessary and push the limits of their comfort zone. They take bold action toward their objectives. They feel that if they are not making mistakes, they are not learning. They love to propose new ideas and new ways of thinking, and their fire inspires others to take their lead.

Take some time to notice when your ROCK STAR workers are accomplishing great things. You can then incorporate their ideas and methods into new hire training and developing the rest of your team. When you utilize the best practices learned from your actively engaged workers, you acknowledge their worth to your organization and help the rest of your team move your company ahead.

How Much Does a Franchise Cost?

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Are you someone who is considering purchasing a franchise? While a lot of people consider owning a franchise, not many take the opportunity to do a proper calculation of a franchise price. It turns out that there are several factors that affect the final cost of the franchise that means that each business will be different. However, no matter which restaurant you are interested in, there are a couple of common costs that are the exact same in each circumstance. This includes the franchise fee, all build-out costs, contractor fees, professional fees, signage, and your inventory. It also requires that you have enough working capital to open and stay in business until the business can really support itself. Let’s take a moment to further discuss the usual costs that come along with a franchise opportunity.


Every company will need you to pay the initial franchise fees. These charges cover the cost of training, support in addition to site selection. The benefits (or items) that are included in those charges are different from one company to another. In certain cases, these charges are simply an upfront licensing fee which gives the owner the right to utilize the company’s name. This is the reason it’s a fantastic idea to take the opportunity to do research into what you’ll be receiving in return when paying your franchise fee.

This fee can range from $20,000 to $50,000. However, there are a few instances where your fee may be less than $20,000. Those with lower franchise fees are generally mobile or even home-based.


If you are interested in buying a franchise then you should consult a professional franchise lawyer. He or she’ll be able to help you review the Franchise Disclosure Document, better called the FDD. They can also help you to better understand the franchise agreement. The amount you pay also comes down to how long you spend with your attorney.

Just remember to maintain a clear and thorough record from the very start. You may even consider hiring a professional accountant to keep an account specifically for your meetings. Not only can the accountant make certain that you don’t go over budget with your legal fees, but they can also make sure that you have sufficient working capital.


The cash that you’ve got available from day to day is referred to as working capital. This amount needs to be able to cover a specific length of time. This time period can vary from two to three years-whenever your business starts to pick up.

The franchisor will usually provide estimates of the quantity that you require, however, it is a good idea to do your own research if you want to be certain that your calculations are based on your market as opposed to system averages.

4. Build-Out Costs

Build-out cost is another element that can vary from one franchise to another. As soon as you’ve decided on a location that the company approves, you will have the ability to determine the build-out costs. This includes furniture, equipment, signage, and fixtures. It might also include the professional fees for architectural drawings, contractor fees, protection, insurance, and landscaping. There is one exception: home-based business; those franchises don’t have any build-out costs.

5. Supplies

You can’t run your franchise without the proper supplies. This could be something as simple as plastic utensils to your everyday office supplies. Franchisors will typically provide a list of what’s needed. This amount may vary, but an operator should expect to pay well over $100,000 in most cases.

6. Inventory

If you are purchasing a retail franchise, or any other franchise where you’re selling a specific solution, you must stock up on inventory. You may be asked to purchase between $20,000 and $150,000 worth of inventory.

7. Expenses While Coaching

Franchisors provide training for owners and at least one employee. In actuality, completing training is generally a requirement. This amount may also vary based on the needs of the people.

As you can see, owning a franchise is not a straight-forward endeavor. If you would like to be successful with your purchase, then you need to understand all of the different factors that come into play fiscally. In cases of franchises such as Mcdonald’s, your total costs will amount to more than $900,000. However, with diligent research and realistic expectations, you should be able to secure a location with your chain of selection.

Power of Redemption

Passion Three Crosses Cross Good Friday Ea


Frustration comes from the humanness in me when people say they need God’s power in their lives yet refuse to buckle to His will. They insist that they know God, yet fail to get the log out of their own eye.

They want something for nothing, never respecting the law of God written in all panels of eternity, even to the incontrovertible evidence in this life.

If you want to be forgiven, you have to repent by turning your life back to God, and show by your behavior, your attitude has changed. It’s very simple and remarkably effective.

Your relationships don’t change as you don’t change.

You do not change only for one fact: you have yet to submit your life to God.

When you turn your life back to God a miraculous thing happens. He shows you the reality. He gives you the gumption to stand there, judged. He helps you see that the truth doesn’t condemn you, it frees you. He impels one to do what you can in the light of that reality. He shows you how you’ve offended everyone, and He puts in you a heart to live at peace with all humanity.

Nobody who has not undergone such Revival is saved. It’s enough to turn us back to God, for’by their fruit you will know them’, as the Lord Jesus Himself has said.

Who stands there, saved of God, and does not about-face?

Conviction isn’t self-righteousness, a will contrary to the Holy God, but it is self-admonishment, always, and then continuing self-denial, hearing aright just how God will help you put matters right this side of eternity.

This is the most persuasive fact that side of death; now is the time; now is the opportunity. Especially for those who call themselves stored… don’t be in that class of’Christian’ whom the Lord says,’they will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name and cast out demons, but I say I never knew you; be gone from My Presence.’ Can the prophet be saved without living an adroitly penitent life?

The rub of all life is in the friction of relationships.

What power of God is there if others can’t see the power of God which has changed you?

Yes, indeed, there are lots of false doctrines and several comfortable pillows that seem like the fire of God, but it’s all useless unless the Christian gets on their knees and begs for forgiveness because they’ve seen the testimony of darkness written on their heart – to the extent of the relationships they have that don’t please the Lord.

The revival of salvation and restoration come from the power of God through insistent repentance.

Tobacco facts

Tobacco Smoker Cigarette Nicotine Addictio

Tobacco used to make cigarettes is a tall, leafy annual plant, originally grown in South and Central America, but now cultivated throughout the world, including southern Ontario. There are many species of tobacco; Nicotiana tabacum (or common tobacco) is used to produce cigarettes.

Nicotine, a potent central nervous system stimulant found naturally in the tobacco leaf, is classified as a drug. Nicotine is one of the main ingredients in tobacco. It is commonly used as an insecticide.

Tobacco leaves can be burned and inhaled (in the form of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smoke, etc.) or absorbed through the mouth (in the form of spit tobacco, chew, or snuff). The membranes in the nose, mouth, and lungs act as nicotine delivery systems – transmitting nicotine into the blood and to the brain.

Smokers usually feel dizzy and sick when they first inhale the nicotine in tobacco, but gradually build up tolerance to its effects. Other symptoms fresh smokers experience includes coughing, a dry, irritated throat in addition to nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, headache, coughing or gagging.

Nicotine is extremely addictive. The addictive effect of nicotine is the major reason why tobacco is widely used. Many smokers continue to smoke in order to avoid the pain of withdrawal symptoms. Smokers also adjust their behavior (inhaling more deeply, for instance ) to keep a certain amount of nicotine in the body.

Smokers who usually smoke at least 15 cigarettes per day and/or smoke their first Cigarette of the day within 30 minutes of waking are likely to experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They will likely find quitting uncomfortable.

Stopping can produce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as depression, insomnia, irritability, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, anxiety, decreased heart rate, increased appetite, weight gain, and craving for nicotine.

Symptoms summit from 24 to 48 hours after stopping and can last from three days up to four weeks, even though the craving for a Cigarette can last for weeks.

Most smokers make an average of three or four quit attempts before becoming long-term non-smokers. Relapse is the rule instead of the exception and must be seen as part of this process of stopping.

Drink more coffee

Coffee has gained so much popularity and for many people, coffee is a part of their everyday diet. However, not everybody is aware of the numerous health benefits that these dark beans contain. So as to help you appreciate your cup of coffee and to motivate you to drink more of this healthy drink, below are some of the benefits of this famous beverage.

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Packed with antioxidants
The coffee bean contains many antioxidants in massive quantities in comparison to other foods. Additionally, when you brew these beans, the antioxidants aren’t lost. This means that they make way into your system and help your body eliminate free radicals effectively.
Due to the importance of antioxidants for our well-being, it is important that we attempt to adopt a habit of drinking freshly brewed coffee every day. This will enable our body to receive an ample amount of antioxidants regularly.
Boosts energy levels
Coffee helps to boost energy levels and make you more awake and alert. It’s therefore no wonder that people like to begin their day with a cup of Bat Poop.
Therefore, if you end up feeling slouchy and dull in the morning, then consider treating yourself to a cup of the energy booster. Additionally, after a hard day’s work, unwind and unwind with this delicious power-packed beverage.
Speeds up your metabolism
For people who are searching for ways to eliminate weight, then this one is for you. You’ll be happy to know that you can lose weight in addition to keep up an ideal weight with the support of coffee. This is because coffee has been demonstrated to help speed up metabolism in a safe and natural manner. When your metabolism speeds up, it helps burn calories and fat faster. This way, your body will not store all the extra calories as fat that can be tough to get rid of later on.
Helps prevent liver cirrhosis
Apart from all of the above advantages, another reason you should drink coffee is that it helps to protect your liver from harm. A healthy liver is less prone to liver disease such as cirrhosis and this helps protect your overall health.
As you can see, there are so many benefits of incorporating this terrific beverage in your routine.

How to keep your toilet clean

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most uninteresting but unavoidable household chores. Keeping your toilet always clean should be a job to be done at least twice a week as this will not only keep you and your family healthy but also give visitors good impression about you. Below are some of the suggestions on how to ensure a clean bathroom:
Never use bleach to clean your bathroom especially for homes with children and pets. This solution is chlorinated, highly acidic and corrosive that has an adverse effect on the health of your family and the finishing of your toilet.
Never flush solid objects or paper down the toilet as this may cause blockage along the bathroom line.
As a safety measure, put a trash can beside your toilet seat to always remind users that non-toilet friendly substances can be trashed in it.
In order to clean your bathroom, you will be needing the following:
Toilet cleaner alternative
Roll of paper towel
Hand gloves
Bottle of distilled vinegar.

Wc Toilet Purely Public Toilet Bathroom To
Pour a toilet cleaner solution within the bowl of your toilet seat and let to simmer for approximately 5 mins. Use a toilet brush to wash the bowl, the sides and under the rim. Scrub very well to ensure you remove all stains and coloration around the bowl, then leave for another 10 mins. As you wait, apply disinfectant outside of this bowl touching all sides and scrub with toilet brush for a cleaner surface and after that you’ll be able to flush.
Next is using Vinegar; due to its acidic nature it kills not just germs and bacteria but also get rid of any lime deposits around your toilet. You may start with the toilet tank if you want to remove all the deposits that build up from tap water by pouring some amount of vinegar within the tank then allow to dissolve for a few minutes and flush immediately several times to eliminate all vinegar remnants from the tank.
Now back to the bowl, pour about 1 cup of vinegar inside the bowl including the top, inside rim and everywhere around the bowl. Allow it to soak for 30 mins and then scrub or wipe off with paper towel. Pour more amount of vinegar down the toilet ensuring it fills above the water line to remove hidden bowl ring and calcium build up. Mims Raccoon Removal
While you wait for the mixture inside the toilet to respond, spray the exterior of the bathroom with vinegar to kill each bacteria habituating anywhere around the bathroom. Let it soak for a little while and wash everywhere together with your toilet brush both outside and inside the bowl and tank. This process should provide your toilet sparkling and the most pleasant look. Do this periodically to maintain the desired look for the own toilet.

Easy DIY storage

Have you ever felt like you don’t have space in your dwelling? It’s very easy to feel cramped when you start receiving gifts, new furniture and with children. Space is very important whether you have a family or not. Here are a few useful Do-It-Yourself storage ideas. That distance never gets used and what better way to keep toys, books and shoes tucked away. Put wheels on such containers for easier handling.
Artists, kids, craftsmen and project makers always have stationery lying around. These handy home tools also tend to get lost in the depths of drawers or between stacks of paper. To solve this issue, all you need to do is put that stationery inside empty tins. Tins are the most elastic recyclable material and you may decorate them too. You can also keep cooking utensils in tins decorated with a kitchen motif.
Are you the type of person that has millions of shoes that just lie all over the place? You can easily fix this problem by stacking plastic piping together or use an old wine rack. By doing this you never need to worry about shoes falling from your cupboards.

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Showers don’t have a huge area of space. So it would get annoying if you always have shampoo and soap bottles falling on you or around your toes. It is well known that showers have an inclination to permit water into the drain. This will also make those bottles slide to the centre of the shower to exactly where you’re standing. Cut a plastic 2 litre bottle halfway through and add a hook at the top of the bottle. Hook the plastic bottle to the shower handle and you’ll instantly have a shower gel holder. Does not it just get on your nerves when you have to dig through a bag, not find the color that goes with your dress? Take advantage of a spice rack. Does this stick to a wall but in addition, it provides you extra drawer space.
A simple solution to store hairdryers, Mims Rat Removal, curling irons or hair brushes is to place them inside a file holder. These fit nicely on the inside of bedroom cupboards and nightstands. It is also easier to reach.
These are a few handy solutions for your storage issues.

Being Bi-Polar

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Bipolar disorder is a really complex disease to a lot of people, including medical doctors, and rightly so. Much like each other disorder in allopathic medicine, there’ll be no cure for bipolar disorder. You can’t solely deal with this ailment from the physical, and particularly with dangerous, man-made pharmaceutical drugs. Additionally, Western medical doctors acknowledge they don’t understand the cause of the disorder.

All disease and disease first happen on the energy level before manifesting physically. Consequently, healing of diseases must happen first on the energy level, the root or causative level. This is the reason no cure or healing of bipolar disorder could ever happen in Western medicine because Western medicine doesn’t deal with vibration or energy, and the human body has an energy or vibratory body. Western medicine doesn’t even take care of the cellular amount of recovery, which follows the energy level of recovery.

So as to tackle an issue (disease, illness) we must first understand what it is. You can just begin the healing process once you first “understand” what something is. Every disease has an origin in which etiology educates us can be researched.

Though an herbalist, my way of health and healing is wholistic and encompasses all realms of human existential makeup, for instance, bio-magnetic sheath (human air) or subtle bodies kingdom, i.e. ethereal body, mental body, astral body, etc..

All living beings have an imperceptible but detectable energy field that surrounds them. This is true from person (human being) down to the animals and insects. This invisible energy field is called the “bio-magnetic sheath” (air). It can be discovered and photographed with a specific type of photography called “Kirlian photography”

Bipolar disease is medically defined as:

“A significant psychological disorder characterized by episodes of mania, depression, or mixed mood. One or another stage may be predominant at any particular time, 1 phase may seem alternately with another, or components of both stages may be present concurrently. Attributes of the manic phase are excessive emotional displays, such as excitement, elation, euphoria, or in some instances irritability accompanied by hyperactivity, boisterousness, diminished ability to concentrate, decreased need for sleep, and apparently unbounded energy. In intense mania, a feeling of omnipotence and delusions or grandeur might happen. From the depressive condition, marked apathy and under-activity are accompanied by feelings of deep sadness, Stuart Wildlife Controlloneliness, and reduced self-esteem. Causes of this disease are multiple and complex, often involving biologic, psychological, social, and societal and cultural aspects. 196

It’s one of two key classifications of depressive disorders: (1) unipolar depression and (2) bipolar depression.

Bipolar disorder usually starts out as melancholy and gradually graduates to mania; and the mania and depression may involve alternating episodes, an up and down effect. Therefore, bipolar disorder is also called manic depression.

In my traditional manner, let us break down things into pabulum so we can find a thorough and pellucid comprehension of bipolar disorder.

The word or prefix “bi” means: “2; two: menopausal 2.

The term “polar” means: 1. Or referred to a rod 2. Of or close to the North or South Pole. 3.

The term “polar” derives from the term “rod” which means: “Either or two oppositely charged terminals, as in an electric cell or battery either of two opposing forces.

From the above breakdown of the term “bipolar disorder”, we develop “a lack of sequence or a disease of two sticks of conflicting forces or extremes (or mental states).”

Fundamentally, bipolar disorder deals with a fluctuation of extremes on the psychological level – mania and depression. Depression copes with a saddened state whereas mania deals with an excited or excited state.

Depression. noun. 1. The action of depressing or condition of being gloomy. 2. The state of feeling sad or despondent. 4. Pschol. 235

Depression. [Latin: “deprimere” meaning “to press]. 3. 4. An abnormal psychological condition characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, depression, dejection, worthlessness, emptiness, and hoplessness that are improper and out of proportion to reality. The status is neurotic if the precipitating cause is an intra-psychic battle or a traumatic situation or event that’s identifiable, despite the fact that the man is not able to describe the overreaction to it. The status is psychotic when there is severe there’s acute physical and mental functional impairment due to some unidentifiable intra-pyschic battle; it’s often accommodated by hallucinations, delusions, and confusion regarding time, place, and identity. 354

Mania. noun. An intensively extreme enthusiasm or desire; trend. 2. 3.

In the word “mania” we get the term “maniac” which means: One having an excessive enthusiasm for something. .

We also get the term” manic” which means: “Of, influenced by, or marked with mania.”

Are you starting to truly know the depth of the rock band, The Bangles, hit song “Manic Monday” today from all the definitions supra? I am!

America may profess to be a Christian country, but if you have eyes to see, you may and can see that paganism’s mark was left on Christianity and America, which purports to be a Christian country. Not a Christ-like state, but a Christian country. There is a difference!

Monday has ever been associated with psychological imbalance, lunacy, mania, and sorrow (“the blues”) to be precise. Originally, lunacy was imputed to the moon.

In chromatherapy, the colour blue deals with relaxing and soothing and this colour blue (particularly light blue) helps us to unwind and to calm down. This is extremely correct! So in the event you’ve got an irate and/or anxious or hyperactive child(ren), you may want to think about painting their bedroom light blue in order to positively impact them with this colour’s frequency or vibration.

The colour blue is the antidote for the colour red, which copes with fire, fever, and fieriness. If you’re upset or angry, your air becomes a tainted and unhealthy reddish color because on an energetic level you’re on fire (burning), and you start to exude the frequency of the colour, and in accordance with the law of attraction, so long as your frequency is the frequency of the colour (tainted or dark red), you may bring in different things into your orb or setting which matches this identical frequency. This is true because all energy is cyclical and what is cyclical is bound to come back around. So to help yourself calm down when you’re angry or upset, have a room with blue (light or sky blue) walls which you could go into for a couple of minutes and simply stare at the walls in order to “cool” down.

In fact, looking or staring at anything blue or light/sky blue will find the job done. And when nothing blue or light/sky blue is about, simply close your eyes and picture this color for a couple of minutes. The technique is greatly intensified when heavy breathing is added to it. No matter the source or reason for this anger, just get a photo of it on your head, imagine it disintegrating or turning to dark grey smoke and continue to blow out the smoke through your lips (perform 10-20 deep breaths); then envision the dark grey smoke all gone from mind.

After the last breath, you just say: “I’ve released” (this anger, scenario, etc.). And as you do not want that negative energy to be lingering out in the Universe in order to be available to somebody else, simply transmute it into positive energy with deliberate intent and you can do it by either imaging or vocalizing (through imaging see the dark grey smoke convert into a pure white or sparkling crystalline colored smoke or through vocalization say: “the negative energy I just published is converted into positive energy and made accessible for favorable use throughout the Universe – So be it!’) .

Okay, getting back to our topic at hand, because blue (light/sky blue) is the colour frequency of the Fifth chakra (Vissudha), imagining or taking a look at the colour blue will help to equilibrium (open) this chakra – the chair of communicating, when it comes to greater creativity and self-expression, thus letting you express yourself (and frankly and frankly).

We do express ourselves when we’re “cool” (cool-headed), calm, and relaxed. The colour blue (and light/sky blue) has this deep and healing effect on us, all people, whether we believe in chakras and/or chromatherapy or not.

Now while the colour blue copes with being cool, calm, and relaxed, the colour has a reverse polarity effect – depression or depression, hence a sense of “the blues” that I am sure African-Americans can relate to, at least better than anyone else or some other so-called race (because now, the vast majority of Americans regardless of race are grabbing and singing “the blues” now on account of the state of our marriage [authorities, society] and our private marriages with self (inner and outer) and other people).

From my personal research I’ve discovered that depression and depression affect the liver, organ and vice versa. The psycho-emotional facet of the liver corresponds to the negative emotion of anger; consequently anger (and insanity) stores in the liver (the cells of the liver).

It’s the use of alcohol (spirits) that releases the evil spirits of anger and insanity which are stored in the liver at the man who consumes alcohol. It’s extremely common for drunk or inebriated individuals to become very angry, angry, or angry soon after attaining this imbalanced state. This is because the alcohol functions as an instigator for the release of these stored negative emotions that the drunkard or drunk individual has been carrying for a while (possibly dating back to childhood or the teenage years).

Since alcohol is an intoxicant (a poisonous substance; a pollutant of the blood and therefore the body), it not only pollutes on the physical level, but additionally relies on the delicate body level. The air becomes a dirty dark red color, additionally, little portals (gateways) open up over the air that permits dark or negative spirits (ethereal beings) to enter the individual’s energy body and so take the individual under their hands, mainly on the psychological, emotional, and spiritual level. This is the reason the Ruler’s imps (authorities) say that you’re “under the influence” of alcohol when you’re drunk. It is not the alcohol that affects your head, as alcohol taints the blood, since it is a poison. It’s the dark spirits (ethereal beings) which influence the mind. Liquor stores appropriately promote alcohol at the area called “Spirits.”

Popping the top of a bottle of alcohol enables certain spirits (genie) to emerge, such as in the story of Aladdin, except that the soul (genie) here in this scenario isn’t benevolent.

In Islam, we find that genies (known as “Jinn”) are either malevolent or benevolent. The Universe is full of light and dark beings or entities and both or on the scene at the moment though you can not see them since they are invisible, but they are there on another frequency which if you tuned into that specific frequency right now you’d see them. They love these kinds of actions as it feed their appetites. Additionally, it makes it easier for them to invade our energy field since these actions lower our vibration. Lower activity lowers your air and drinking alcohol to the point of drunkenness is guaranteed to do such!

I witnessed this with my parents nearly every Thursday night.

I would be in the bed and would feel like I am in paradise as a result of fantastic music playing and sound of laughter from my parents. I was always happiest hearing, seeing, and understanding my parents were getting along and having a fantastic time together. Nothing else exceeded this for me. Now obviously, the worst times of my youth was when they had been at each other’s throat like wild dogs.

Well, it would not be too long after all Thursday night partying, eating swine flesh, and drinking alcohol which my parents could be at each other’s throat, and it would always be my mom who would start the madness. She was borderline alcoholic although she did not drink daily. She drank frequently, mostly on weekends (that type of started for us on Thursday), but not ordinary.

My mother used to remind me of Sue Ellen Ewing in the hit tv show, “Dallas”, which just happens to be my all-time favourite television series (thanks to J.R. Ewing, played by actor Larry Hagman).

Sue Ellen would be just fine when she did not drink, but after she began to drink, she had been a wreck, which was my mother.

Alcohol always released anger within my own mother. She would begin by cursing up a storm (usually in reaction to my dad saying something about among her relatives or by simply saying something which clearly pissed off her).

The next thing you know she would be throwing things (ash trays, pots and pans, drinking glasses, the phone, etc.) and knocking pictures down from the wall. The woman literally tore the house apart. Even as a small boy, I could always deduce that my mom just listened like that after she drank alcohol. This impressed upon me at a young age to never drink alcohol; and after sipping some of the wines and spirits in my parents’ pub merely to experience the flavor of the stuff that negatively affected my loved ones, I never drank alcohol – NO wine, champagne, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, etc.. I stayed away from this crap since I saw how it made people respond. I saw the injury that followed from drinking this crap.

It is funny how the government is always talking about regulating individuals for purposes of “public security” (or public health and order) but won’t prohibit alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceutical drugs which kill two million people each year.

And now that I understand why my mother was angry and angry after drinking alcohol, I am ready to help and help people heal on the energy level in general, the psychological level in particular.

Some folks tell me ‘Oh Djehuty, 1 glass of wine won’t hurt!” My retort is: “I am sure one glass of dog piss would not hurt either, but over time you would have some serious health issues since the simple fact of the matter is, the substance doesn’t belong in your body.”

Drinking alcohol taxes the liver while it attempts to filter alcohol in the blood flow.

Let’s look at the word “melancholy.” Melancholy is described as: “Sdaness; melancholy. 2. Pensive reflection. 1. Gloomy; gloomy [Greek “melancholia”]

However, if we really want to discover the real meaning of the word “depression”, we have to deduce the word on our own.

Hence, melancholy describes “black bile.” But wait a moment! Bile is green in colour! Yes it is, so what is going on here? Now we are getting somewhere in our comprehension of things.

The word “depression” derives from the term “melancholia” that is described as:

Melancholia. A psychological disorder marked by severe depression and apathy

Melancholia. 1. Extreme sadness; depression. 2. Obsolete, the significant affective depressive disorder. 738

Certainly, bipolar disorder, from a health perspective or point of view is a kind of mental retardation combined with melancholy.

“The Seventh (or Crown) chakra is the location of Nirvana – independence from opposites – and is thought of as the kingdom where the individual soul and the Universal Soul are One. This is the kingdom of the entire union of Shiva and Shakti, of opposites and contradictory tendencies within oneself between self and the cosmos.”

From my experience with individuals with bipolar illness, all of them had a profound spiritual side, but sadly, it had been disconnected from reality. Take Larry for instance. Though bi-polaric, he was very religious but was heavily disconnected from reality because he thought that he was Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Larry was a happy man, especially when things were going his way and he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and might manage his limousines and pretty girls. But whenever things did not go his way or some form of stressful situation would appear, Larry would lose it. He would run to the jar and get drunk and could be a total mess.

“The problem is neurotic if the precipitating cause is an intra-psychic battle or a traumatic situation or event that’s identifiable.”

Larry had two phases that I noticed. To begin with, everything would be fine and he’d be taking his medicine (pharmaceutical drugs). Second, after some traumatic situation could happen, he would fall apart and run to the jar.

Though drunk, his discourses were always religious. It is odd because in his rage and inebriated state, he talked lots of spiritual truths, something lots of “ordinary” drunk people do not do. They may speak truth while drunk (like my mom), but rarely can it be religious truth.

Bipolar people I have dealt with over the years have always acknowledged the religious. This is the way I know bipolar disorder is partly a Seventh chakra imbalance since the Seventh Chakra is our spiritual center, our connection to the Higher Self, our divine nature.

However, characteristics of the excess Chakra energy person include:

Unrealized power

Psychotic, gloomy, or manic-depressive

Frequent migraine headaches


Sexual expression

Occasionally passionate, sometimes distant

Joy Gardner-Gordon, in “Pocket Guide to the Chakras” gives us the following example of an excess Seventh Chakra energy person (which really describes Larry into a T):

“This psychotic man imagines he is Jesus Christ. He has delusions of grandeur as he tries to enlist his twelve disciples. He really does have the ability to see into the future and to read minds, but his abilities are sporadic and undisciplined, and he can’t differentiate between his dreams, or his paranoias, and truth.” Pg. 100

Since the Seventh Chakra affects the mind, nervous system, pineal and pituitary glands, these organs and glands have to be addressed when helping the bipolar disorder individual and you cannot assist the bipolar individual or person with those glands and glands using man-made, chemical, pharmaceutical medications.

The human body isn’t made of medication so drugs do not do it any good. They just toxify and pollute the body. The body identifies everything it can’t digest as a toxin and attempts to divert it from the body. Therefore, only natural things and substances from the ground can be used to assist the bipolar individual or person, e.g. herbs, essential oils, crystals, vegetables and fruits, etc..

Larry had nearly all the characteristics of a individual who has excess Seventh Chakra energy. Larry always had a constant sense of frustration, he had enormous unrealized energy, he was certainly depressed and manic-depressive, he got regular migraine headaches, and he was sexually expressive (he had been a part of private sex club).

It’s extremely true about bipolar illness individuals that one day they will be quite happy, in addition to the world, and the following day or a couple of days later, they will be greatly depressed as the world is coming to an end.

We must also examine the karmic and past-life element of bipolar individuals.

Bipolar people are borderline genius and lunatic.

Along with working on the mind, nervous system, and endocrine system (pituitary and pineal glands), the organic practitioner should work on the liver of the bipolar individual. The liver stores anger and bipolar people have a propensity to become quite irate and from nowhere and in a whim. For many people with mates that are bi-polar, this behaviour can be very frightening.

The natural healer or practitioner must also take into consideration the karmic part of bi-polar. Individuals in this current life dispensation that are having bi-polar disease chose their Earth vehicles replete with so-called anomalies and so-called flaws in order to undergo certain experiences for benefit of specific life experiences for purposes of soul development; along with the simple fact of paying past life (or lives) karmic debt.

Individuals who undergo brain disorders (like bi-polar disorder) in this life are people who in previous lives may have mistreated their brains, used their minds and/or knowledge for purposes of injury, manipulated the minds of different people, practiced mind control experiments; pulled the levers of guillotines (which cut people’s heads off as a kind of capital punishment), levied capital punishment against innocent persons, etc..

We create our own realities and fates through past and current life ideas, beliefs, and activities. This is why I don’t feel sorry for anyone irrespective of their condition, since I’ve religious understanding, over-standing, and inner-standing and I know that they played a part in creating and manifesting the illness, whatever it could be, whether it was in this life or a previous life. Again, there are no victims, only participants.

HERBS. I suggest using nervine herbs for bi-polar disease.

AROMATHERAPY. There are loads of good essential oils which are effective in treating and curing of thyroid disease and they include Neroli, Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine, Davana, May Chang, Blood Orange, Linden, Valerian, and Melissa (True).

CRYSTALS. There are loads of crystals which may be utilised in the treatment and curing of thyroid disease, but by far, the best stone to use for bi-polar disease is lepidolite. Lepidolite comprises lithium.

The aforementioned crystals and stones are best for the depression component of bi-polar (and may be put directly on the Ajna chakra located between the eyebrows).

But because of its grounding aspect of bi-polar, I recommend the following stones and crystals: Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, and Magnetite. These stones can be placed anywhere from the bottom of the feet up into the genital area, or, around the body in a grid)

Crystals can be applied directly to the Sixth chakra (Brow Chakra) while lying down (for about 15-30 minutes) or can be made in an elixir (allowing the crystal sit in water for a period of 24 hours, getting both moon and sunlight) and drank (a few dropper-fuls or 1-4 oz).

Dherbs services that could also help in cases of bi-polar disorder (for purposes of recovery) comprise Chakra Alignment/Balancing and Hemisphere Synchronization Therapy.

Grief And Your Memory

Free stock photo of black-and-white, person, hands, woman

Loss is really a state of scenario where we do not just shed something or someone, we lose a part of ourselves at the event and resulting process; the individuality goes through deconstruction, which overhaul, for the lucky ones, is the genesis of reformation.

It is because inside the brain – the conscious mind – there are like seven rooms, with distance, for consideration, for cognition, for imagination, for attribution, for communication, for difficulty. The subconscious mind escapes in sleep and carries us off into a dream the reverse of nightmares, and that’s why we can’t confront the first waking moment in despair – when we could wish for anything but sense. However, it’s the conscious mind that we are interested in, for the conditions of memory.

If there are seven rooms, the notional complete image of a conscious mind able to do all the tasks we expect it to, a few of those rooms are completely occupied from the stress implicit of despair. A number of them are partially full with a convoluted, confused mixture of advice designed to confound us readily. (These are the very same conditions someone with sleep deprivation encounters.)

A large portion of the problem for people who grieve who are elderly is the distress within the notion that’s Alzheimer’s disease – the commonest dementia. Sharp and cavernous despair can mimic dementia, at least persons unqualified to evaluate it, who fear such a ‘could-it-be’ diagnosis. And we know that there’s early onset dementia, so the fact that we can develop it at any age means anybody experiencing the memory shortages outbound of reduction can feel threatened – that further exacerbates stress, adding stress to the already crowded lodging facility in our mind. Small wonder we could feel confounded.

It’s great to know there is a reason loss impacts memory during despair, since it explains it that significant stress inhibits your mind. Acknowledging stress helps us understand we best go gently, not expecting too much, even expecting the mental, Centurian, psychological and spiritual limitations we face. Thankfully grief doesn’t restrict memory permanently.

Supplemental Insurance

Child, Boy, Injury, Injured, AssociationAs the medical care crisis and medical care debates struggle on, many customers are looking into supplemental insurance policies to cover the gaps in traditional insurance plans. Having health insurance can offer a excellent peace of mind but most conventional plans leave gaps that can just about swallow a family’s budget whole in a health crisis.

What services does AFLAC offer?

Accident Indemnity

Disability Income Protection

Cancer Indemnity

Hospital Protection

Life Insurance


Long Term Care

How is AFLAC different?

The supplemental insurance policies from AFLAC cover above and beyond traditional insurance policies and they pay directly to you.

Here’s an illustration. If you get a policy for cancer treatment that offers a $10,000 benefit and you’re diagnosed with cancer, AFLAC will pay you $10,000 directly, no matter your medical bills. This money can be used for medical bills that are not covered of course.

1 costumer we spoke with had taken an AFLAC supplemental cancer indemnity coverage and was later diagnosed with prostate cancer. He says the insurance money helped to cover:

-Above average telephone bills for making appointments, family support and so on

-To repay debt and relieve some stress during this time of missed work

Another customer we spoke to fantasies she’d purchased an AFLAC supplemental coverage earlier. An AFLAC representative visited the school where she had been teaching and although she was impressed with goods, she thought she was too young at 26 to need them. A year after she was diagnosed with cancer and discovered the hard way how quickly medical bills and the incidentals such a gas cash for travel and other supplies needed from bandages to electric blankets mount up. Of course Port St Lucie Animal Removal offers many products along with cancer indemnity products.

Another way that AFLAC differs is that it is portable. Despite the fact that you may enroll in AFLAC through an employer (or not) you pay your own premiums, or you may have them deducted from your paycheck and your insurance can go with you if you lose your job, change jobs or move. In today’s mobile world and in such a volatile employment climate, the portability of AFLAC insurance is a big plus.

AFLAC is well-liked for these good points, as well as others such as simple claim forms that are available online and the fact that AFLAC plans also cover some preventative services that lots of traditional plans do not cover, but what about cost? AFLAC is generally considered to have higher premiums than rivals but many feel that the simplicity, such as insurance with no exam, makes the cost worthwhile for an AFLAC supplemental policy.

Some folks point out the frustration that you can’t buy an AFLAC supplemental insurance plan online which is common with many insurers but this may really be a plus because meeting with a representative can assure that you know all of the details on the insurance products that you are purchasing.

Most clients report positive experiences with sales representatives and customer service reps although company administrators that oversee insurance benefits have said that customer service may be inconsistent which seems to be on par in the insurance market.

Good points about AFLAC:


-Offers many products

-Claim forms are simple and accessible online

-Pays for a few preventative maintenance

-Higher premiums

-Can not be purchased online, must meet with a representative (which may be a positive)

Overall, AFLAC has proven to be a trustworthy supplemental insurance provider that offers several unique products and has many good points. Potential customers will have to be the final judge on whether the premium prices for the services make AFLAC supplemental insurance a fantastic value for them.

Who doesn’t love dolphins?

Boy Dolphin Kiss Aquarium Animals Love Cut
While they’re certainly playful and amusing creatures, there’s more to dolphins than just Flipper. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world, and are found in just about every ocean around the globe. As an elegant way to raise awareness and introduce the masses to the attractiveness and importance of the dolphin, many vacation resorts offer people the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins to promote environmental conservation.

In comparison to the rest of oceanic life, dolphins are a relatively new species, having evolved just 10 million year ago. In a peculiar twist, dolphins are really the descendants of land creatures who evolved into the water, compared to most life forms which evolved from the water. Scientists are sure of the evolutionary path as dolphins still have little vestigial pelvic bones and leg buds as part of the skeletal structure.

Dolphins are known for their unique social behaviour and acute intelligence. There have even been reports of dolphins displaying culture and learned behavior, phenomenon thought to be unique to human intellect, by teaching their young to use tools for food hunting and decorations and props for breeding rituals.

Such intelligence, combined with their characteristic playfulness and their friendly nature, is exactly what makes swimming with dolphins such a special experience. However, many types of dolphins today are endangered, with various types already gone beyond bringing back. By way of example, a study performed in 2006 was not able to find any of the Yangtze River dolphin, which makes it technically extinct.

The difficult fact to realize is that humans are responsible in large part for the danger these magnificent creature are now facing. From the spilling of toxic waste and waste into the oceans to runoff containing dangerous pesticides to accidental collisions with boat propellers, lots of the dolphin’s major enemies are the careless byproducts of human life. Unfortunately, dolphins are also hunted for food in many areas of the world and are murdered in mass for commercial sale.

The people of the world today have the capacity to stop the casual and mostly unintentional destruction of these fabulous creatures, and that is why swimming with dolphins is indeed powerful. It is obvious from that most of the ways we hurt dolphins are unintentional and passive, making them unnecessary victims. By offering people an opportunity to spend private time with these awesome creatures in their natural habitats, hotels are encouraging folks to get to know them and put a face on all the things which live in the sea. And once you’ve been kissed by a dolphin, nuzzled by a dolphin, Dead animal removal near me, and ferried around on the back of a dolphin, it’s not easy to ignore the effect we are having on them. So in case you get a chance, don’t miss the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins, as it’s a very unique and educational experience. The expectation is that it won’t be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but if our careless treatment of the environment does not stop, unfortunately it might be.

Healthier options at fast food chain

Hamburger Burger Fast Food Unhealthy Eat L

McDonald’s, one of the oldest businesses in fast food business, could one get healthy food there? After all, think of the veteran, and all one can think of is rich food, high on calories and low in nutrition. It is a universal notion that fast food isn’t healthy. But times are changing and McDonalds also is getting its numbers on nutrition and calories in the right order. What products are the most healthy at McDonalds? Keep reading to discover.
Today, McDonalds is dedicated to provide improved supplements to its customers, particularly for the children and families. It is great to visit McDonalds and get something really delicious as well as high on nutrition. This is really a piece of great news for all those parents out there! And this is just the start. Obviously, the options in the menu to get such healthier food in McDonalds are bound to grow with time.
McDonald’s is already cutting sodium and sugar from their foods. They’re also minimizing the use of trans fat in their foods so as to make some more healthy choices readily available for their customers. But the fast food giant still needs to put in more efforts.
What products would be the healthiest at McDonalds? You can always go for those salads and healthy sandwiches. Try their new Fruit & Maple Oatmeal or the Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack wrap. Customers also like the Egg McMuffin and the superior Southwest Salad with grilled chicken. All these foods are full of protein and fibers and low on calories. Finally there are a few very good wholesome alternatives to try out at Melbourne FL Animal Removal.
Now you can try their desserts too, without feeling guilty. Try a Fresh Fruit Smoothie which is simply delicious and refreshing and healthy. Fruit & Walnut Salad and Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait are becoming immensely popular with the calorie conscious men and women. Their Vanilla Reduced-fat Ice Cream at McDonalds is a huge hit with both children and adults.
Here are a few other wholesome choices that can be made at McDonalds.
Premium Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken
Honey Mustard Grilled Snack Wrap
Egg McMuffin
Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich
It’s good that McDonald’s comprehends the importance of nutrition in food and is making the right efforts to provide healthy choices to its customers. People too should realize and make the right choices when eating out. The unhealthy fast food will always be there, rich and inviting, but it is going to play havoc with your health in the long run.
Now that you are aware on what products are the healthiest at McDonalds, go out and enjoy your meals at this fantastic food giant. Stop by their website and collect more information and the complete McDonalds nutrition details. They are certain to come out with more options in their menu for healthier food.

Dog training

Close-up of Dog on Grass

The 1 thing that each and every dog training technique appear to mirror is that positive reinforcement and reward is the best. The next thing that all training methods have in common is that the first step is to teach the puppy basic commands. These basic commands are the basis of communication between canine and human.

The first command you need to instruct is SIT. With a few slight differences, most information about dog training concur. The simplest way to teach this command is to create the desired outcome to happen without much work. For very young dogs, hold their food bowl over and behind their thoughts. Repeat this procedure during every meal time and with snacks until he will SIT on control with no food stimulus. Older dogs have better balance so an additional step might have to be used. Some dog training methods suggest having a leash with no slack to keep your puppy still, then simply using a treat held over and behind his head, control SIT. If your dog resists, use your forefinger and thumb to apply pressure before his hip bone or slip your hands over rump and apply pressure as you tuck tail and legs under to induce him to SIT.

The second command you have to train your puppy is NO. This control demands consistency from you, as the coach, and every member of your family. Your tone has to be authoritative sharp and powerful to relay your displeasure. Withhold focus as punishment. Consistency is the trick to train your dog.

STAY is another control that each and every dog should know. Incorporate hand signs and put your open palm before dog’s nose. Say STAY and move before your dog to obstruct his forward motion. If he moves, replicate hand sign and STAY command. If he remains, move back alongside him, make him hold his STAY for a couple of seconds, praise and treat. As with every dog training technique, continue to gradually increase increments of space and hold time with each training lesson. An extra element when training your puppy to STAY is the 3 D’s. As I just mentioned, it’s necessary to gradually increase the increments of Duration and Distance however Distraction has to be introduced to check your dogs comprehension of this command. Make certain to add distraction when training your dog prior to the space becomes too long. Typical distractions would be someone going into the training area with a toy, yet another dog walking etc..

DOWN command can be taught only after SIT is mastered. It’s important to use just the term DOWN. Your dog doesn’t understand variations like Lay Down. You have to be consistent in training your dog that DOWN only describes laying down. If you wish to teach your dog to get down from your seat, train OFF as your control. To teach your dog to put down, first control him to SIT. With a treat, draw your dog to a laying down position by dragging the treat between his thighs and moving it forwards. As you train your puppy every new command, make sure to combine each control so patterns don’t grow and the action of every different control is rewarded when attained.

Teaching your puppy to HEEL makes walks in your area a pleasant experience. I am confident you have seen or experienced the proprietor that gets walked with their dog. The proprietor is fearful of every approaching human or animal since they have never been trained to HEEL. Your objective is that your puppy will remain close to you on a walk. He won’t pull you or become too tough to control with the joys of other dogs or people. A fantastic tip, exercise your puppy with play prior to training to HEEL. Work out all excess power and train your puppy in a quiet distraction free area. Start in SIT, utilize your dogs name and control HEEL. If your dog doesn’t stay with you and darts off, then turn from another direction and replicate control HEEL and puppy’s name.

The last fundamental command that’s essential while starting to train your puppy is your control COME. This command seems so simple, after all all dogs need to come to you, right? The issue with training your dog to COME is that owners don’t use it frequently enough in daily interactions. Your pet will COME when you open the fridge door. The command has to be reinforced by placing your puppy in SIT and STAY, then by changing your location, control COME, and use your dog’s name. Praise and reward with every desirable outcome. One very important point to remember is NEVER right or discipline your dog for reacting to the COME command. The truth is that if you want your dog to react to COME the most is when his security is in danger. Your pet has run out and may be at risk of road traffic,. Vero Beach FL Raccoon Removal returns your dog to the protection of your dwelling. Your fear response will automatically make you want to fix your dog for exercising.

This is a really brief summary of training methods and sequences to use while training your puppy the basic commands. The increase of space and duration, in addition to the introduction of distractions, will also require repetition. Patience and time will have to be committed while training these orders. I think you will realize that in case you start to train your dog with these basic commands, you’ll discover the more specialized training will be easier for both you and your dog.

Games to teach kids the bible

Child Reading Bible Bed African Education

While the Bible is the greatest and bestselling book of all time, many men and women struggle to read and/or embrace it. On one hand, some believe it’s impossible to comprehend. On the other, many think it has no significance. Nothing is farther from the truth. Moreover, creative strategies exist whether the group is composed of children, youth, or adults.
This article recommends a novel approach to this challenge- playing games. Why not employ them in Sunday School or Bible Study? Before you know it, participants will be learning scripture, principles, vocabulary, events, and much more.
For this purpose, a review of seven games which can be found online is supplied along with suggestions for optimizing content. Another choice is to invent your own games. The decision is yours. Grab your Bible and concordance.
7 Games
1. Bible Scrabble
Use Bible Scrabble as a fun way to test what was taught. Or use it as an introductory exercise, to get participants in courses and research groups to express topics that interest or confuse them. You’ll gain insight concerning their expectations and anxieties.
With this in mind: 1) ask participants to use the letters to spell out topics of interest, 2) ask participants to spell topics that confuse them, and 3) ask participants to spell Books of the Bible.
2. Word Teasers
Inspire your students to discuss the Bible with word teasers; they reinforce Bible vocabulary, faith talk rather than fear, and prompt conversations about the Word. How can you incorporate them into your lesson? Let us count the ways: Look up terms in the concordance. Find words used in scriptures. Compose sentences using faith-based words. Do a series of lessons on topics like religion or prayer. Late for the Sky Bibleopoloy
This game is similar to monopoly but with one significant difference: In Bibleopoly, the attention is teamwork not accumulation. The distances on the game board relate to places and events in the Bible. Contrary to the winner in monopoly who secures the most real estate, the winner in Bibleopoly wins when he or she is the first to build a church in a bible city. Along with your own Bible and concordance, have your computer easy to search for maps.
4. Bible Quote Board Game
Generally speaking, a quote illustrates and inspires. With the Bible Quote Board Game, you can find it in scripture, analyze who said it, probe the meaning, and search how it applies to the reader.
5. Bible Sequence
This board game has cards with scripture references and a story name. The winner puts five chips in a row. Compose a series of lessons on the stories or scriptures. Bible Trivia
At the same time, Bible Trivia focuses on biblical events from the Old and New Testaments. The sport has questions – over 700- for children and adults. If you want to delve deeper into the events, make an outline and use the concordance to get additional background information.
7. Save the Lost
Save the Lost is just another game to illustrate Bible principles. Aside from being satisfied for all ages, it may be applied in various formats to accomplish different objectives. For example, play Save the Lost in class, at youth conventions, Dead animal removal near me or camp. Moreover, Use the game to discuss evangelism and how to share personal testimonies

Low on Vitamin D?

Free stock photo of healthy, wood, flowers, summerVitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s created when your skin is exposed to sunlight. It may also be found in certain foods and it’s notorious for assisting the body to absorb calcium from foods to be able to maintain healthy bone cells. It may also occur if there is an insufficiency of this vitamin in your diet or your body can’t absorb and metabolize the ones that you consume.
Furthermore, if you reside in a location with a high latitude, you might be at greater risk of vitamin D deficiency as you may have less access to the sun’s ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays. Staying too much inside is also a contributing factor and if you reside in a highly-polluted land, you might get a lesser access to sun’s rays.
It’s dangerous to self-diagnose a vitamin D deficiency because its symptoms are similar to many other disorders. Consequently, it’s extremely important to perform a laboratory test so as to establish the disease. However, some symptoms which might be noticed are weak bones, depression, Animal control near mechronic pain, increasing blood pressure, exhaustion in spite of sufficient sleep, unexplained infertility, weakness of the muscle, just to mention a few.
Increasing your vitamin D levels is as simple as ABC. You may take over-the-counter nutritional supplements or multivatimin preparations, while the ingestion of foods such as salmon, tuna, cheese, liver, egg yolk, milk, cereals, etc., is a good idea. It’s extremely important to expose your skin to sunlight and in case you’ve got a history of skin cancer or you’ve got an extremely light skin, you should talk to a medical professional to understand whether you’re fit for sunlight exposure.
Moreover, you should consider keeping a healthful body weight and become involved with an outdoor exercise daily. Those with liver, gut or kidney problems should track their medical condition correctly and receive the essential treatment. Infants that are being breast-fed might not get enough vitamin D because they might not be subjected to sunlight, hence, they may be given supplements so as to compensate for this.

3 things to watch for your health

Free stock photo of man, person, love, people

Eating. Sleeping. Pooping. These are, by far, the top three things that have the most effect on your health. If all of these three activities are working out well for you, you are on the right track.
Of course, there are many other options out there to improve your health and well-being: exercise, fresh air, meditation. . .the list continues. But if you are getting the first three right, you’re creating a solid foundation of health to build on to with these other things. If you aren’t eating, sleeping, and pooping well, adding all that exercise and meditation is like building along with a crumbling foundation. . .and life. We all know that garlic builds up our immunity, preventing us from getting sick, but did you know that virtually every other spice in your cabinet has medicinal properties, as well?
You do not have to get a degree in herbal medicine to eat well, but you should educate yourself a bit on what you’re putting into your body. I am always amazed at the misconceptions people have about food. Patients will come in and discuss how healthy and strict their diets are, and then talk about the pound of cheese they eat each night (“I only eat foods that are natural!”) Eating unprocessed foods is a fantastic idea, but that does not mean that everything natural is necessarily great for you. I’ve also had patients that are very weight-conscious brag about their low-carb diets. . .only to discover that they’re basically living off of bread and non-fat ice cream. Again, not the best option. Thus, read a book. . .do some Googling. . .or talk to your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist. The info is out there, you simply have to incorporate it into your lifestyle.
After the ingestion comes the pooping. . .and if you are not doing it, or you’re doing too much of it, it’s a sign that the total qi of the body might be suffering. Poop is pretty much the greatest measure of what is happening internally. Bloodwork might tell you, but it’s not quite as convenient as getting this info in the comfort of your own bathroom. We acupuncturists can collect a huge knowledge about what is going on inside you by finding out about your bowel movements, but all of you regular people out there only have to know a few things. Your poop should arrive 1-3 times each day, be formed but not hard, and come without blood, Orlando Wildlife Control, pain, or an unusual level of work. If all of this applies to you, you are in good shape. If not, a change in diet may be in order. We acupuncturists can also get things moving regularly, if need be. . .oh, beautiful, lovely sleep. At least, that’s how I think of it now-I look forward to drifting off into sweet dreams and can’t wait to go to bed at night. But I remember feeling quite differently about my bed a few years back, while I was suffering from a bout of insomnia. I was worried going to bed, since I knew I had several hours of tossing and turning ahead of me. I was stressed waking up, since I barely had enough energy to get through the day. I think of sleeplessness as a type of cancer of the spirit, slowly eating away at every other aspect of your life and health. If you simply aren’t getting enough sleep because of lack of effort on your part, make some adjustments that will allow you to get more. Trust me, your body will thank you. If you’re a true insomniac, though, there are many alternatives out there to help. Working on this is an investment in your health. Visit a sleep therapist, an acupuncturist, an herbalist. We can all start you on the road to getting your sleep, and ultimately life, back.

Smoking is bad for your health

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So that they take leaves off a tobacco plant and dry it and crush it up then mix in about 50 chemicals, some of which are poisonous… Who ever thought of that?

Next they function it in newspaper, put in boxes and sell them for over $40 a packet… wow these cigarette things must be great!

People put them into their mouths and light them up and suck on the deadly smoke into their lungs… Holy cow today it is getting really weird!

Apologies to Jerry Seinfeld for my bad attempt at his style of comedy, but he does such a great job of seeing the humor in absurd circumstances.

And when you think about it, smoking sure is a very strange habit. But it was marketed beautifully by marketing companies, to generations of unsuspecting victims, proclaiming that women who smoked were more independent and glamorous, and guys who smoke were either rugged or sophisticated.

And all along the marketers won, the cigarette companies won and people who distributed and them and sold won, but you the smoker were the big loser.

There is not any revenge really, just withdraw your financial support and concentrate your attention on restoring your health.

Maybe your actions will flow down to a friend or family member and convince them to quit also, maybe you could influence a younger person to stop or even to never start, who knows how many lives you can save by quitting, such as your own of course.

Jerry Seinfeld does good comedy and while trying to make light of smoking could be a bit of fun, the reality is there isn’t anything funny or comedic about smoking, it has ruined and destroyed millions of lives.

Quitting is not only the best thing to do it is achievable, when you use Orlando Animal Removal as your means to quit you have a great prospect of quitting, so it is only a matter of deciding and committing yourself to caring for yourself.


Free stock photo of fashion, person, woman, legsThere are many different types and styles of leggings available, with a different style for each season, every occasion and every outfit you could ever want. You may not think that this type of leg wear is for you; nevertheless there is such a vast array of colours, fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from that there is absolutely a set to suit everyone’s personality.
This article will explore the different types of leggings on the current market, and how all these may be worn; pin pointing which styles can be worn for certain occasions. Leggings are back in fashion this year and so it’s well worth getting to grips with how to work them into your wardrobe.
When looking for leggings to wear in summer, there is so much choice available for example; vivid, colourful, floral and capri (which are shorter in length), in addition to printed / patterned styles and white leggings to name a few types. Thin, light weight fashions are obviously best for this season and cotton is a fantastic choice as it allows your legs to breathe and keep you cool in warmer climates.
In winter months, types of leggings such as; thermal, knitted, Daytona FL Raccoon Removal, fleece and wool are available and designed to ensure your legs are cosy and warm all season long. These are all fashionable in addition to practical and look good with boots and layered up with other chunky knits. You can wear this style with boots and big cardigans and a lot of layers to make a snug winter outfit.
All kinds of fashion leggings are also available, and whatever trends you’re following this year, this leg wear is likely to fit in and is an excellent cheap way to invest in vogue. Some recent popular styles include patterns such as animal prints with leopard print leg wear being a massive trend this season, along with Aztec prints which have been a hit and the leg wear is available in this popular print.
Leggings are also frequently worn for sport such as running and cycling after they were first popularised in the 80’s as gym clothes. The leg wear frequently includes Lycra in the fabric content which make them perfect for active performance wear; they don’t restrict movement and on account of the tight-fitting material they could help increase speed when running and biking. Sports leg wear is specially designed to be breathable and keep you cool during activity that will help you take advantage of your performance; these are also ideal for wearing at the gym as they’re so comfy.
Whatever size or shape you’re, leggings are still very wearable and come in and sizes from many retailers, as well as in maternity sizes.

Why you should eat breakfast

Toaster Bread, Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Tomato and Sausage

They say ignorance is bliss but there are times when ignorance of people makes me unhappy. One such instance is when people do not believe breakfast is important and decided not to include it in their routine. It is said that one should eat like a king for breakfast, queen for lunch and popper for dinner. Unfortunately for a lot of people, for reasons of their own, dinner happens to be the largest meal and breakfast is the first one to be skipped. I have always thought that to a large degree, you are what you eat so I think food plays an important part in your life, especially the quality of life. That is among the reasons why I take time and effort not to just prepare good food but also to write a lot about it so I spread some consciousness in whatever little way I can. Reason I say it makes me sad is because the effects of skipping breakfast may not be seen instantly. But over time an individual will need to face the consequences. When some of my friends say they do not have breakfast I feel bad as they are not doing any good for their body. In this article I hope to summarise what I have read and understood about the importance of breakfast and also some simple yet fast breakfast ideas to make it easier for you.
Let Us Examine the impact of having or not having breakfast to better understand why bother with breakfast Weight management – many believe that skipping breakfast so they reduce calories would help them lose weight. It cannot be farther from the truth. When we sleep during the night, our body slows down, so metabolism slows down. When we have something to eat in the morning, we’re effectively giving the signal to the body that the day has begun and metabolism should increase. However, those who skip breakfast deny their body of the signal in order that they feel lethargic as they continue until lunch with slow metabolism. When one feels lethargic and tired, one tends to work less, physically and in turn burns fewer calories. Also, once the body is deprived of food for a very long time, cravings begin, especially sugar cravings. This is when we feel like snacking on a chocolate bar or a massive fat muffin or cakes etc.. This effectively increases the calorie consumption. In summary, a slow metabolism, tired body burning calories and high calorie/fat snacks efficiently contribute to weight gain rather than weight loss. All of us keep hearing about the many health conditions that can come with being obese, especially risk of heart diseases and skipping breakfast could possibly lead to being overweight. Lowered cognition – studies have said to have shown that children who have breakfast fare better in problem solving than children who skip breakfast.
Remember that it isn’t just the rest of the body that gets energy from digested food but also the brain. After the mind is low on energy, one can’t expect it to operate effectively. Some studies also show that children who skip breakfast are more likely to have problems focusing and also have issues with memory in comparison with children who have breakfast.
3. Type 2 diabetes – skipping breakfast is thought to increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. If a person is already diabetic, it is even more important to maintain sugar fluctuations low which means the body has to be fed at regular intervals. Diabetes is a state of the body that’s not especially easy to manage as the complications of diabetes can be quite serious from losing eye sight, heart attacks, having to be amputated. If one is overweight, the complications get even worse. The effect of diabetes might not be understood immediately but the body will be deteriorating gradually. Keeping the blood sugar in check is absolutely important while living with diabetes and skipping meals, that too breakfast will be highly counter-productive for diabetes management.
4. Menstrual irregularities – some studies are said to have shown that girls/women who skip breakfast are most likely to have irregular periods. Poor mood – low glucose is said to be responsible for irritability fatigue and tiredness. Some studies show that those who skip breakfast snap at others more easily.
To me the chance of weight gain (and all associated health risks due to being obese) and risk of diabetes alone are enough to make me run for my breakfast. When it comes to kids, it’s extremely important to set up healthy eating habit at an early stage and therefore, having breakfast is important. With children getting less and less playtime and exercise these days it’s all the more important for them to eat healthy. There is no point in sending them to school to learn stuff if they can’t concentrate and as parents, we need to give them sufficient support to enable them to learn. Hopefully, by now you’re at least thinking about having breakfast.
I come from a tamil Brahmin family and Brahmin meal program is very well known because most of them have a enormous mid morning meal, later in the day a tiffin or lighter meal is consumed while dinner occasionally is liquid ingestion or fruits or some cereals, if not curd rice. Reason I mention that is that though some people criticise them for using a heavy meal that ancient, what modern day dieticians are advising is pretty much similar – have a large breakfast. The meal would normally consist of rice (carbohydrates), dal (protein), vegetables (vitamins and minerals) and ghee (fat) and unless I got it all wrong, this is exactly what makes a balanced meal. At this day and age, we barely have enough time to make all these before we walk out of their doorways to work and neither would our working hours allow such a program. So, what are some quick breakfast alternatives you could try.
1. Oats porridge – boil a few tablespoon of oats in water until it’s done (regular oats is far better than quick cooking and honestly doesn’t take much time to cook anyway). If you like it sweet, add some milk, sugar or honey or any other sensible sweetener of choice. If you like savory, then add some buttermilk and small salt and consume. Either way, have a banana or any other fruit of choice. Breakfast shake – milk shake or sodas make great breakfast. Combine a banana sweetened with date syrup or any other natural sweetener (avoid synthetic sweetners or processed sugar) along with some milk. Top with crushed nuts and drink. Adding oat milk rather than cow’s milk can help reduce calories and fat and also lend to fibre intake. You could try the same with apple too. You could also use a spoon of wheat germ.
3. Muffin – having a low sugar, bran loaded muffin is a superb way to fill you up for the morning. Top a healthy muffin with berries and eat along with a glass of juice. Plenty of healthy muffin recipes can be found, try making enough over the weekend itself. I’d say it probably takes about 10 minutes to make the muffin batter and about 20 minutes baking time which would be your breakfast sorted for a week! Breakfast sandwich – you can make those with leftovers too. You can use chapattis or pita breads or wholemeal breads and stuff them with leftover sabjis or any vegetable of choice. Over the weekends I tend to quickly sauté grated courgette, spice it with cumin, Daytona Beach FL Raccoon Removal, chilly and coriander powder and make a grilled wholemeal sandwich. This helps me get one of my five a day vegetables also. Peanut butter sandwich is an excellent option also. Toast and legumes – beans also contribute to one of five a day. This alternative is okay if you’ve got the time to sit down and have your breakfast. Low fat flapjacks – I create my own flapjack that is a bit more chewy than regular ones. I use very little brown sugar add dry fruits and dates syrup to sweeten instead. Believe it or not smallish portions of those oats rich almost no added fat flapjacks are a great start to the day.
7. Multi grain porridge – back home it is common practice for mothers to produce a multi grain powder. It usually consists or wheat, barley, finger millet, sago, almonds and cardamom for flavouring. One can add few heaped spoons of the to water, bring to boil while stirring, add jaggery or sugar and milk. Healthy pancakes – create your own pancake mix by adding either the aforementioned porridge powder or wholewheat powder along with some millet powder. Add mashed banana or pureed berries or apple, if you would like it sweeter, add syrup like dates syrup to produce a batter. I often skip the baking powder or soda bicarb as it inhibits nutrition absorption. You could add small all purpose flour to facilitate flipping the pancake. Pour the batter on hot tava and drizzle oil/butter/ghee.
9. Bread omelet – beat an egg and add salt and required vegetables such as tomato, onion, mushroom etc. and make an omelet. Having protein earlier in the day is said to be better than later. Museli – combine wheat flakes, oat flakes, rye flakes, barley flakes with some dry fruits like raisins, currants, seeds such as pumpkin seeds. Quick French toast – cut couple of bread pieces into four triangles each. Drizzle some oil or butter while cooking. Cook both sides and that is a good breakfast on the move.
12. Millet gruel – Millet is usually considered poor man’s food but truth is many men and women who work hard physically possess ragi gruel often for breakfast. It keeps them full for long although they are involved in intense work. 1 way of preparing is very similar to multi grain porridge mentioned before. Another method is to mix it with some buttermilk and let it sit overnight. Next morning add little water if needed and cook while stirring, until it’s shiny. Season with salt and drink. Millets are low fat protein sources.
I hope at least one or two of the above options match your taste and timing. On weekends you can indulge a bit more by making cooked breakfast and several such recipes are available on my site as well.
Make healthy choices for your life, remember, prevention is better than cure. One can skip any meal, but not breakfast no matter whether one is hungry or not. For the other meals you can go in accordance with your body, eat when hungry but breakfast is an exception. Do not wait for the ‘right’ day to start having breakfast, there is no bad time to do the perfect thing. Live long, live happy, live healthy!